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Create custom chatbots with Odin AI's no-code solution, designed to streamline conversational AI development.

Create Custom Chatbots: A No Code Solution by Odin AI

Build custom AI chatbots effortlessly with Odin AI's no-code platform. Enhance customer support, automate tasks, and improve operational efficiency using AI-powered chatbots. Perfect for B2B businesses, customer service, and more. Start now!

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June 7, 2024

Did you know that chatbots are projected to handle 90% of all customer enquiries by 2025?  As businesses seek to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, the adoption of AI-powered chatbots is skyrocketing.

In this digital age, companies need innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve, and this is where Odin AI comes into play. Odin AI is at the forefront of transforming how businesses operate with its cutting-edge AI Chatbot Builder. This powerful tool leverages artificial intelligence to create highly customizable and efficient chatbots, designed to meet the unique needs of various industries. The AI chatbot builder offers features like training on custom data, automating tasks such as fetching information, and integrating with third-party services without requiring coding knowledge. Additionally, it supports multiple channels for chatbot deployment, ensuring seamless integration with websites, messaging apps, and social media.

Odin AI’s Chatbot Builder offers unparalleled advantages in customer service, operational efficiency, and cost reduction. This blog will explore how different industries can integrate this innovative tool into their systems to achieve exceptional results.

Let’s explore how your business can leverage this technology to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

What's the deal with AI chatbots?

The adoption of AI chatbots has accelerated during COVID-19 and continues to grow. 

The global chatbot market size is expected to reach USD 3.99 billion by 2030. 

AI chatbots allow users to interact with computer systems using natural language via text or voice. These conversational agents, a class of dialog systems, imitate human oral and written interactions to help users navigate through different sources of information to find answers to their requests.

AI chatbots can be created without requiring technical knowledge, making them accessible to a wider range of users.

  • Machine Learning Technology enables AI chatbots to learn from user interactions and improve accuracy.
  • Intuitive Conversational Interface uses natural language processing for human-like interactions.
  • Anthropomorphic Features enhance engagement and satisfaction by creating closeness.
  • Emotional Triggers make interactions more engaging than traditional systems.
  • Ease of Adoption and Implementation makes AI chatbots simpler to implement than traditional systems, accessible to more businesses.

These characteristics highlight the unique advantages of custom AI chatbots, which blend social and technical aspects, fostering continuous improvement and human-like connections.

Latest Market Statistics on Artificial Intelligence

26% of organizations employ AI for marketing and sales, with 22% specifically using conversational AI or virtual assistants.

Importance of Chatbots in Modern Business Operations

Did you also know that by 2025, the chatbot market is expected to reach a staggering $9.4 billion?

Chatbots have become crucial in modern business operations, revolutionizing customer interactions and internal processes. According to Gartner, by 2022, 70% of customer interactions involved emerging technologies such as chatbots and AI. A study by IBM found that businesses can save up to 30% on customer support costs by implementing conversational solutions.

Chatbots facilitate seamless chatbot conversations, which are crucial for handling customer interactions and improving customer satisfaction.

“Over the past decade, chatbots and virtual customer assistants (VCAs) have become integral to a service organization’s strategy,” said Uma Challa, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner Customer Service & Support practice. “When designed effectively, chatbots can enhance the customer experience and evoke positive customer emotions while being more cost-efficient than live interactions.”

Use AI chatbots to qualify leads, schedule meetings, and boost conversions – Empower Your Sales Team

What Odin AI's Chatbot Builder brings to the table?

Odin AI’s Chatbot Builder is a versatile chatbot solution that automates customer interactions and supports various business applications. It enables businesses to create customizable chatbots with ease, featuring a custom knowledge base, multilingual support, and omnichannel communication across platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, and Telegram. The tool provides instant, accurate answers from multiple data sources and allows extensive personalization to match brand identity.

  • Custom Knowledge Base
    Upload sitemaps, files, and URLs to train the chatbot on unique data, providing personalized responses.
  • No Code Integration
    Easily set up without any coding, with options to embed on websites or integrate via API.
  • Multilingual Support
    Supports up to 30 languages, making it ideal for global reach.
  • Omnichannel Chats
    Seamless communication across platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, and Telegram.
  • Instant Answers from Multiple Sources
    Combines data from various sources to deliver accurate responses.
  • Customization
    Tailor the chatbot’s name, color, and welcome message to align with your brand.

These features make the Chatbot Builder a versatile tool for enhancing customer service, improving operational efficiency, and supporting a wide range of business applications.

Try Odin AI’s Custom AI Chatbots

Core Functionalities of Odin AI’s Chatbot Builder

In simple words, Odin AI’s Chatbot Builder tool enables businesses to create intelligent, customizable, and efficient chatbots, enhancing customer interactions and streamlining operations.

Industry Benefits and Tasks of Odin AI's Chatbot Builder
Core Functionalities Description
Intuitive Interface

Pre-built Templates
Offers easy-to-use templates for various use cases.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Language Understanding
Enables the chatbot to understand and process human language.

Context Management
Maintains context for coherent conversations.

Integration Capabilities

API Integration
Connects with third-party services and APIs.

CRM and Database Connectivity
Accesses and updates CRM systems and databases.

Customization Options

Custom Responses
Define specific responses and actions

Customize the chatbot’s appearance and personality.

Analytics and Reporting

Performance Metrics
Insights into chatbot performance and user engagement.

User Feedback
Analyzes feedback to improve interactions.

Multichannel Deployment

Platform Agnostic
Deploys across websites, mobile apps, social media, and messaging apps.

Omnichannel Experience
Ensures seamless interactions across channels.

In simple words, Odin AI’s Chatbot Builder tool enables businesses to create intelligent, customizable, and efficient chatbots, enhancing customer interactions and streamlining operations.

Industry Benefits and Tasks of Odin AI's Chatbot Builder
Strategy Benefits Tasks It Can Handle Statistics

- Personalized shopping experiences

-Reduced cart abandonment rates

- 24/7 customer support

 Product recommendations
- Order tracking

- Handling customer inquiries

Boost sales and reduce cart abandonment rates, which is crucial as nearly 69.82% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

- Improved patient engagement

- Reduced administrative burden

- 24/7 support

- Scheduling appointments

- Sending reminders

- Providing instant patient support

Finance and Banking

- Enhanced customer service

- Improved operational efficiency

- Real-time fraud alerts

- Handling account inquiries

- Processing transactions

- Fraud detection


- Personalized assistance

- Streamlined administrative processes

- Student enrollment support

- Answering FAQs

- Providing tutoring services

67% of consumers use chatbots for quick interactions, including educational services

Travel and Hospitality

- Improved customer experience

- Increased operational efficiency

- 24/7 customer support

- Booking management

- Travel recommendations

- Handling customer inquiries

33% of customers prefer using chatbots for making hotel and restaurant reservations


- Enhanced customer journey

- Increased conversion rates

- Reduced cart abandonment

- Product recommendations

- Personalized offers

- Real-time support

E-commerce stores using Facebook Messenger chatbots experience a 7-25% revenue boost


- Streamlined manufacturing processes

- Reduced downtime

- Real-time updates

- Automating supply chain inquiries

- Managing inventory levels

- Providing stakeholder updates

Using chatbots in manufacturing can save businesses $11 billion annually


- Improved customer loyalty

- Enhanced customer engagement

- Smooth buying experience


- Providing instant product information

- Handling orders and returns

55% of consumers prefer using chatbots for FMCG-related inquiries


- Enhanced operational efficiency

- Improved overall educational experience

- Offering personalized learning support

- Automating administrative tasks

- Providing instant feedback

73% of educational institutions report increased efficiency with chatbot integration


- Enhanced user experience

- Improved retention rates

- Efficient customer onboarding

- Handling technical support queries

- Offering product recommendations

58% of B2B SaaS companies use chatbots for customer interactions

Government Agencies

- Improved public engagement

- Reduced administrative burdens

- Efficient citizen services

- Automating citizen services

- Providing instant information on government programs

- Handling inquiries

Chatbots can automate up to 70% of citizen services tasks

Customer Service

- Improved customer satisfaction

- Efficient operation

- Reduced wait times

- Providing consistent responses

- Handling customer inquiries

- Offering instant support

64% of customer service agents using chatbots spend more time on complex cases

Sales Teams

- Faster deal closure

- Qualified leads

- Efficient meeting scheduling

- Qualifying leads

- Scheduling meetings

- Providing product information

55% of businesses report higher sales with chatbots

IT Management

- Enhanced IT service management

- Reduced downtime

- Efficient handling of routine IT support queries

- Providing system status updates

- Automating incident reporting

- Handling routine support queries

70% of IT tasks can be automated using chatbots


- Improved customer engagement

- Higher conversion rates

- Targeted marketing campaigns

- Engaging customers with personalized messages

- Gathering feedback

- Providing insights for campaigns

80% of companies use chatbots for conversational marketing

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Problems Addressed and Solutions Offered by Odin AI's Chatbot Builder

Odin AI’s Chatbot Builder is a powerful tool designed to tackle several common problems faced by businesses, enhancing their customer service and operational efficiency. Here’s how it addresses these challenges with supporting benefits:

  • High Operational Costs

Problem: Extensive customer support staff increases costs.
Solution: Automates routine tasks, saving up to 30% on customer support costs (IBM). Odin AI’s Chatbot Builder can assist the customer support team by automating routine tasks and providing instant responses to customer queries.

  • Customer Service Delays

Problem: Delays in response times.
Solution: Provides 24/7 support, ensuring instant responses and boosting satisfaction. 64% of customers appreciate this constant availability.

  • Inconsistent Customer Experience

Problem: Impersonal interactions.
Solution: Handles thousands of inquiries simultaneously, ensuring consistent, personalized interactions.

  • Sales Funnel Drop-offs

Problem: High rate of cart abandonment.
Solution: Engages visitors, answers questions, and sends personalized offers, reducing cart abandonment by up to 69.82%.

  • Limited Language Support

Problem: Language barriers.
Solution: Offers multilingual capabilities, catering to a global audience.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement

Problem: Low engagement levels.
Solution: Sends proactive messages about orders and offers, keeping customers engaged.

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Building your own chatbot with Odin AI
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Custom Chatbot with Odin AI
Setting Up Odin AI

Step 1 Sign Up
Visit the Odin AI website and sign up for an account.

Step 2 Create New Project
Click on “Create New Project”

To access Odin’s public chatbot, you should create a “Support” project on your dashboard. Refer to the below-mentioned image.

Step 3 Dashboard
Navigate to the dashboard and click on “Public Tools” drop down icon and select “Public Chatbot”.

This is how the default Public chatbot looks in your Odin account.

Also, You can only use Odin’s Chatbot when your project is public.

If your project is NOT public, you can’t use the chatbot on your website. You will get a warning sign if it happens. Here’s how it will look.

How To Make Your Project Public?

To make your project public and use the chatbot on your website, go to the settings > click on the “make project public” button. Now you can use the chatbot on your website. The below-mentioned is the image of ‘project setting’ for your reference.

Data Integration & Designing the AI Chatbot

Step 4 Chatbot Builder Interface
Customize your ChatBot’s Appearance by filling in the details.

Creating AI chatbots is accessible to everyone, even those without technical knowledge, thanks to no-code platforms.

Chatbot Configuration and Customization Settings for Custom AI Chatbots

This section is used to define the core functionality and interactions that influence the chatbot’s behavior and appearance.

“Chatbot Name”
Enter chatbot name: This is the name your users will see when interacting with your chatbot. It should be descriptive and align with your brand or the chatbot’s purpose. Example: Custom AI Chatbot.

“Welcome Message”
👋 Hi! I am ODIN AI, your personal assistant. How can I help you?: This is the initial message your chatbot will display to users. It sets the tone for the conversation and can be customized to make a positive first impression. Use welcoming and engaging language to increase user engagement.

“Input Placeholder Text”
Ask ODIN anything: This text appears in the input field before the user starts typing. It prompts users with an example or suggestion of what they can ask the chatbot. This helps guide users on how to interact with the customized chatbot.

What is ODIN?: These are pre-defined suggestions or frequently asked questions that users can click on to get quick responses. Each suggestion should be entered on a new line to provide users with multiple options. Examples could include queries like “How does Visual Chatbot Builder work?” or “Can I create AI chatbots?”

“Default Agent”
Change Odin KB Agent: This sets the primary knowledge base agent for handling user inquiries. This agent should be equipped with the necessary information to answer a wide range of questions, leveraging advanced AI capabilities.

To access KB,
Dashboard > Knowledge Base > + Add/ Create Document

You are a helpful assistant with access to a knowledge base to answer user’s questions.: This description helps define the agent’s role and capabilities, emphasizing its function as an AI-powered chatbot.

“Multiple Chats”
Enable multiple chats: This option allows the chatbot to handle multiple conversations simultaneously, improving user experience during busy periods by enabling a no-code chatbot builder to manage multiple languages and queries.

“Display Sources”
Display Sources: This setting enables the chatbot to show the sources of information provided in responses, adding transparency and credibility to the answers, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Font Size (px): 15: Sets the font size for the chatbot’s text, ensuring readability for users. Adjust this to improve the chatbot experience.

Message Bubble Color: This allows customization of the message bubble’s color to match your brand’s aesthetic or improve visual appeal, making your custom AI chatbot visually engaging.

Display Welcome message above toggle icon (Delay in seconds): -1: Controls whether the welcome message is shown above the toggle icon. Setting it to -1 disables the auto-show feature, allowing for personalized chatbots to greet users without being intrusive.

Toggle Color: This setting allows you to change the color of the toggle button that users click to start a chat with the bot, enhancing the overall look of your chatbot platform.

“Reset to default”
Resets all settings to their default values.

“Save Changes”
Save Changes: Once all settings are configured, use this option to save your changes and apply them to the chatbot, ensuring all aspects of your chatbot builder are effectively utilized.

By filling out each section thoughtfully, you can create a well-functioning, engaging, and visually appealing chatbot that meets the needs of your users and aligns with your brand identity, leveraging AI-powered chatbots to enhance customer support and operational efficiency. Additionally, chatbots facilitate seamless chatbot conversations, which are crucial for handling customer interactions and improving customer satisfaction.

Summing up

Odin AI’s Chatbot Builder is a game-changer for businesses looking to improve customer service, automate repetitive tasks, and increase productivity. As a versatile chatbot solution, Odin AI’s sophisticated AI-powered chatbots can automate mundane activities, streamline user onboarding, or improve customer service.

Imagine a world where customer satisfaction soars, operational costs plummet, and your business runs smoothly around the clock. This future is within your reach with Odin AI’s Chatbot Builder.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your business. Get started with Odin AI’s Chatbot Builder today and watch your customer engagement and operational efficiency reach new heights. Let us help you create meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Feel the difference with Odin AI – because your business deserves the best.

Have more questions?

Contact our sales team to learn more about how Odin AI can benefit your business.


Odin AI is one AI platform for all your needs that allows users to create custom chatbots without needing to write code. It features an intuitive interface, data integration capabilities, and interactive visualizations.

No-code platforms reduce development time, cut costs, and make it easier for non-technical users to create and deploy solutions, enhancing business agility and responsiveness. With Odin AI, businesses can quickly develop and implement AI chatbots to improve operations.

To train an AI chatbot with a custom knowledge base using Odin AI, upload your documents, sitemaps, and URLs to the platform. This enables the chatbot to learn and provide accurate, context-specific responses based on your unique data.

Dashboard > Knowledge Base > + Add/ Create Document

Creating a custom AI chatbot with Odin AI involves using its no-code chatbot builder. Start by defining the chatbot’s purpose, customize its appearance, integrate data sources, and set up automated responses to handle user queries effectively.

Odin AI integrates seamlessly with popular cloud services like Google Drive, Microsoft and confluence, allowing you to pull data directly into your custom AI chatbots for more comprehensive responses.

Dashboard > Knowledge Base > Settings Icon > Connectors

Yes, Odin AI can be used to automate customer support by integrating with your product database to provide instant responses to customer queries. This enhances customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Odin AI follows best practices for data security, including encryption and secure connections, to ensure your data is protected.

Odin AI is an advanced AI chatbot builder that simplifies the process of creating custom chatbots. It offers features like training chatbots on custom data, automating tasks such as fetching information, and integrating with various third-party services without requiring coding knowledge.

Odin AI is an advanced AI chatbot builder that simplifies the process of creating custom chatbots. It offers features like training chatbots on custom data, automating tasks such as fetching information, and integrating with various third-party services without requiring coding knowledge.

Odin AI is an intuitive chatbot maker that allows users to create multiple chatbots for various purposes without the need for coding. It offers pre-built templates, an analytics dashboard for performance insights, and seamless integration with websites and mobile apps, making it easy for anyone to build and deploy chatbots.

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