Streamline Your PDF Analysis: Top 5 AI Tools To Chat With PDFs

AI Tools Jun 6, 2023

Are you tired of spending countless hours sifting through lengthy PDF documents, searching for important information? With the advancement of technology, we now have innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that can revolutionize the way you interact with PDFs. Imagine being able to have a conversation with a PDF, extract key insights, and even receive summaries without the need to read every page.

This blog will introduce you to the top 5 AI tools that will streamline your PDF analysis process, saving you time and effort while unlocking the hidden treasures within your documents. So get ready to discover a whole new level of efficiency and productivity as we delve into the world of conversational PDF analysis.

The Need For AI PDF Analysis

In a digitally-driven world, an organization’s success depends on efficiently harnessing AI’s power. Yet, among the myriad of AI tools available, one special category stands out: those capable of fetching or summarizing information from PDFs.

Conversational PDF Analysis, an AI-powered process, allows users to upload PDF documents to an AI chatbot and interact with them. The AI chatbot can extract key pointers, provide summaries, and explain specific topics from the PDF without the need to read it entirely.

This process benefits employees and businesses by saving time, enabling efficient information retrieval, improving decision-making, enhancing productivity, and fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration. In addition, it streamlines the analysis of PDFs, empowers users with valuable insights, and drives efficiency within the workplace.

The power of these AI tools are phenomenal. For example, you want to create an engaging presentation using a hefty PDF; these conversational AI tools can help you in extracting key information in a few minutes so you don’t have to read the whole document.

5 Conversational AI Tools To Chat With PDF

Start leveraging AI today, or become incompetent in the ever-evolving world of technology. Use these 5 AI tools to chat with your documents or links to complete your work easily and quickly:

1. Odin AI

Looking for an ultimate AI tool with limitless possibilities? To kickstart the list, we have Odin AI, an all-rounder tool, transforming the ways of conversational AI. Odin AI is a platform that uses a 10X better NLP system and machine learning to extract information from various sources including PDFs. Its editable knowledge base allows users to customize and refine the extracted information to improve accuracy and relevance.

This enables users to explore and analyze enormous volumes of data more quickly and efficiently. While PDF analysis, Odin AI is capable of reading tables and even creating data in tabular form. You can upload multiple PDFs at a time and start chatting with them. Unlike most of the PDF summariser AI tools, Odin AI lets you upload PDFs of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface, Odin provides the most accurate answers to every question.

Unlike viral tools like ChatGPT, Odin AI is the ultimate tool for summarizing or transforming any hefty information into well-curated knowledge. With infinite customizable personalities, Odin AI helps users to literally chat with any PDF, web link, or website. For example, if you have a PDF that contains 35 pages, 37845 words, and 246112 characters, Odin can simplify it for you. You can ask Odin AI to summarize or explain any random topic from that PDF in whichever personality you want. Make sure to give appropriate prompts.

If you are fetching information from any PDF, the Odin AI chatbot will even help you make a blog, article, or any kind of module you want. Moreover, once you have fetched all the information from your desired platform, you can even change it immediately. Odin’s in-built document editor awaits, offering a user-friendly, intuitive interface with its powerful features that requires no technical expertise.

Odin AI can read tables and even make tabular forms of information. The best part is that Odin AI allows users to upload many PDFs simultaneously without restricting their pages and sizes. All this is free with Odin AI! So If you want a one-stop destination for fetching or summarizing documents or links from any given platform, Odin AI can be your constant companion without fail.

Streamline Your PDF Analysis: Top 5 AI Tools To Chat With PDFs

2. ChatPDF

Are you looking for a hassle-free conversational AI that allows you to chat with a PDF? ChatPDF is an AI tool that allows users to talk with a PDF. One of the key features of ChatPDF is its ease of use. Built with a very simple interface and limited feature options, the website is designed in a way that makes it simple and intuitive for users to navigate and access the tools they need.

ChatPDF can read PDFs and gives answers in almost all languages. You can upload a PDF and ask questions in multiple languages. First, the welcome message will be in PDF language. After this process, ChatPDF will answer your questions in your preferred language. If it doesn’t, you can simply give a prompt and ask again to answer in your required language.

ChatPDF builds a semantic index over each paragraph of the PDF during the analysis stage. ChatPDF utilizes the ChatGPT API provided by OpenAI to produce a response by selecting the PDF’s most pertinent passages. Therefore, it is a useful AI tool for pdf analysis and data extraction.

With ChatPDF, you can analyze 3 PDFs a day, each up to 120 pages for free. However, currently, users can’t work on more than one PDF. ChatPDF is also incapable of reading images, but it processes tabular data (but it might show structural issues sometimes while making tables). Although this AI pdf analysis tool doesn’t come with an in-built editor system or personality options, it’s still a must-try tool to save hours of your day.


3. Ask Your PDF

Another tool that will save you hours and effort from reading PDFs is Ask Your PDF. It is an application that turns PDF documents into interactive, conversational partners. It uses AI-powered technology to instantly analyze and extract text from PDFs, resulting in an entertaining and efficient method of interacting with documents.

Users no longer have to scroll through pages or seek specific portions while using Ask Your PDF. Instead, individuals may simply ask inquiries and obtain prompt and correct responses. As a result, it is great for companies, students, and professionals that need to read and comprehend PDF documents rapidly. Ask Your PDF not only saves time but also makes documents of any size more interesting and interactive.

There are more features to Ask Your PDF that are still under process. However, you can only upload one PDF at a time. But it doesn’t allow users to delete their PDF or access their chat history once the tab closes, making users dicey about their further visits. Ask Your PDF also doesn’t have an in-built editor system to edit the AI response right away.

Overall, this PDF analysis AI tool is one of the most powerful tools to extract data or key information from any PDF within a few seconds. In addition, Ask Your PDF allows users to chat in almost every language and comes for free.


4. Humata AI

Want to get instant answers on your PDF files? Humata AI, with a user-friendly interface, is the ideal research helper created to help you analyze PDF documents fast and effortlessly. You may submit a PDF and get replies in seconds with just a few clicks. Humata AI can help you find significant insights faster than ever before, whether you’re reviewing a difficult technical paper or a legal document.

Humata AI can swiftly grasp the contents of your PDF and provide comprehensive, easy-to-read reports using natural language processing and machine learning. This saves you time, effort, and money, allowing you to prioritize the tasks you enjoy more. With Humata AI, you can make better decisions faster, spend less time on boring manual activities, and get more out of your study.

However, the free version of Humata AI lets users upload only a PDF that is less than 60 pages. It can’t make tables and sometimes shows errors while reading tabular information. It also doesn’t come with an in-built document editor system. But users will love the easy-to-approach features that Humata AI offers.



The last AI tool that acts as a PDF analyzer is PDF GPT. It is a simple application that enables users to quickly and properly summarize PDF documents and obtain answers to their inquiries. With a few clicks, you may upload the PDF file and automatically extract the important subjects and ideas and get answers to your queries.

PDF GPT understands fundamental ideas and provides accurate summaries and findings by utilizing natural language processing and machine learning. PDF GPT can deliver you the insights and answers you need from your PDF documents, whether you’re a student, researcher, or business professional. Anyone may get their desired outcomes quickly, thanks to its user-friendly UI.

PDF GPT offers users to upload PDF documents for less than 1000 per month. Users can also delete the PDF once the work is done. In addition, the chat history will automatically be deleted. However, this tool only allows uploading PDF documents that are really small in size and have very minimal pages. This tool also doesn’t come with an in-built document editor system. Overall, PDF GPT is a great tool for anyone who wants to chat with a PDF.



The power of AI tools for conversational PDF analysis is undeniable. By allowing users to interact with PDF documents in a conversational manner, these tools are revolutionizing the way we analyze and extract information from PDFs. These 5 AI tools are way ahead of the league and offer what users want.

These AI tools enable users to extract and summarize key insights from PDFs without the need to read every page. This saves time, improves productivity, and enhances decision-making. By embracing the power of conversational AI, individuals and organizations alike can unlock the hidden treasures within their PDF documents and gain a competitive edge in today’s digitally-driven world.

Meanwhile, discover the power of AI with Odin AI – one of the most advanced conversational AI platforms that allows you to chat with PDF effortlessly. And the best part? Signing up for Odin is free – no credit card is required. So try it today, and let Odin AI do your work for you!


What is chat with PDF?

It is a feature that enables users to communicate with a PDF document, users can ask Odin to summarize the document or extract specific information from the document. This feature could improve the productivity of people who need to extract information from PDFs on a regular basis.

Can I give ChatGPT a PDF?

ChatGPT as of now does not have the option to upload a pdf directly. Users have to copy and paste the entire document to extract information from a PDF document.

What is the alternative to chat PDF?

Odin AI is a conversation AI which allows PDF to be uploaded or users can use a URL to start interacting with a PDF document.

Can chatbot read a document?

Depending on the chatbot, it could or could not read PDF documents. Most chatbots are not designed for extracting data from PDFs or images.

Can GPT-4 read a PDF?

Depending on the chatbot, it could or could not read PDF documents. Most chatbots are not designed for extracting data from PDFs or images.


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